About us

The Royal Oil Company is a Turkish investor, is which located in Istanbul to supply and meet the customers’ requirements, having various factories in different countries at the fields of all kinds of high-quality lubricating oils, additive packages. 

We are also one the pioneering leaders and groundbreaking lubricant product lines investment companies in Turkey with new ideas and fresh vision. We really strive to meet all of our customer needs and expectations toward our goal of excellent customer service., 

There is no substitute for superior quality materials and superior innovation. We strive to provide our customers with the tools that keep their operations running. At the end of the day we expect our customers to expect more, it’s these higher expectations that push us to the top of an extremely competitive industry. 

For those of you that know Royal Oil Company, we thank you for your business. For those of you being introduced to Royal Oil Company for the first time, we welcome you to a new way of protecting your equipment and your business.

We have been very beneficial to our continued growth and success as a TOP TIER Marketer and It just goes to show you that if you're dedicated and put the time and energy into winning, you can do it.

Our diverse portfolio enables us to capture opportunities in a changing lubricant landscape.