LOMIC Engine Oil SM

LOMIC Engine Oil SM

LOMIC engine oil SM, fully synthetic base oil is formulated and produced for gasoline-powered vehicles-model 2005 and later. It meets ISO requirements and the additives included in plus base oil helps it protect the engine against damage from corrosion and wear. It removes soot and sediment composition from the surface of the engine thanks to its excellent cleaning and detergent properties. The oil viscosity is carefully chosen so fuel consumption is economized.

-All modern passenger automobiles 2005 and later
-New light diesel engines
-Different types of modern engines with the performance level of API SM

Performance Leve

-Maximum protection against engine wear and corrosion
-High thermal stability and oxidation
-Excellent cleansing
-Long-life performance and maximum oil-change hiatus
-Preventing the formation of deposits in engine

Packaging and Storage
Ideally, storing and keeping lubricants in an indoor place away from the direct sunlight, rain and snow increases oil or grease lifespan. Keeping the warehouse temperature steady within 20 degrees Celsius extends the quality of the lubricant. For further information and safety slip(MSDS), contact our head office.
-Plastic container,1 liter
-Plastic container,4 liters
-Metal Barrel,208 liters

LOMIC Engine Oil SM Profile