LOMIC Diesel Engine Oil CD/SF

LOMIC diesel engine oil CD/SF is a standing multipurpose lubricant that can be utilized in heavy diesel engines and road construction machinery. Containing special additives and a high alkalinity, LOMIC diesel engine oil CD/SF, can perform very well in super charged diesel engines under adverse weather conditions. LOMIC diesel engine oil CD/SF is offered in mono-grades 50,40,SAE 30 and multi-grade SAE 20W-50.

-Diesel engines canrun in adverse conditions
-Agricultural and horticultural tools
-Different types of heavy vehicles
-light marine engine
-Road construction and mine machinery

Performance Level

-High Total Base Number (TBN)
-Viscosity Stability plus depressurization prevention
-Maintaining properties while functioning
-Excellent cleansing feature
-Preventing and reducing friction and wear in engine

LOMIC Diesel Engine Oil CD/SF Profile