LOMIC Turbo-Charged Diesel Engine Oil CH-4/CG-4

LOMIC Turbo-charged diesel engine oil CH-4/CG-4 is produced from mineral base oil and excellent special additives, and has a very good performance in modern diesel engines, 2004 models. These oil additives increase the engine’s shelf life, protecting the engine. It can be used in modern turbo charged and super charged diesel engines. Thanks to the specific formulation, LOMIC Super Diesel engine Oil works well in harsh conditions.

-Diesel vehicles with advanced engines, model 2004
-Turbocharged and super charged diesel engines
-Modern road construction machinery such as bulldozer and grader - Agricultural machinery and building development
-Different types of machinery

Performance Level

-Highly advanced formulation
-Resistance to high temperatures
-Excellent protection of the engine
-Extension of oil shelf life
-Appropriate separation of oil waste

Packaging and Storage
Ideally, storing and keeping lubricants in an indoor place away from the direct sunlight, rain and snow increases oil or grease lifespan. Keeping the warehouse temperature steady within 20 degrees Celsius extends the quality of the lubricant. For further information and safety slip(MSDS), contact our head office.
-Plastic container,20 liters
-Steel Barrel,208 liters

LOMIC Turbo-Charged Diesel Engine Oil CH-4/CG-4Profile
LOMIC Turbo-Charged Diesel Engine Oil CH-4/CG-4 Profile