LOMIC Hydraulic Oil 10 W

Containing mineral base oil as well as special additives, LOMIC hydraulic oil 10W is suitable for variant applications such as hydraulic systems of heavy road construction machinery, pumps, agricultural, cane, cement and mine industry tools. LOMIC hydraulic 10W oil is formulated in a way that in addition to its hydraulic fluids property it possesses anti-wear, cleansing and anti-corrosion properties. It can also maintain the system’s cleanness by disposing contaminants through the fluid’s path.

-Hydraulic systems and jacks of heavy road construction machinery
-Anti-friction pumps and
-Agricultural machineries
-Cane,cement and mine industries

Performance Level

-Excellent cleansing
-Prevents corrosion and oxidation
-High temperature resistance
-Resistant to water
-Excellent anti-foaming

Packaging and Storage
Ideally, storing and keeping lubricants in an indoor place away from the direct sunlight, rain and snow increases oil or grease lifespan. Keeping the warehouse temperature steady within 20 degrees Celsius extends the quality of the lubricant. For further information and safety slip (MSDS), contact our head office.
-Plastic container, 20 liters
-Metal Barrel, 208 liters

LOMIC Hydraulic Oil 10W Profile