LOMIC Hydraulic Oil T

LOMIC hydraulic oil T consists of a mineral base oil with high viscosity index plus special additives for systems which need high VI hydraulic fluids. Compared to conventional hydraulic oil, this product reveals less viscosity variations with temperature changes because of containing base oil with high viscosity index. Additives in the oil prevent rust, oxidation, wear and foam formation in the system and give it a favorable performance. LOMIC hydraulic oil T is available in ISO 22 to ISO 150 grades.

-Hydraulic power-transmitting systems with lots of temperature changes
-All high-pressure hydraulic systems
-Electrical motors
-Air compressors
-Marine hydraulic systems

Performance Level

-Excellent prevention from wearing and oxidation
-Great cutting endurance
-Foam forming prevention
-High viscosity index
-Fine filtration

LOMIC Hydraulic Oil T Profil