LOMIC Engine Oil CC

LOMIC engine oil CC, with a quality level of API CC, is designed and formulated for diesel engines operating in mild and moderate conditions. LOMIC CC engine oil composition neutralize the acid sludge formation in engine, wiping soot and deposits from engine parts which keeps the engine clean. The anti-friction features and proper lubrication level for this oil are considerably better due to the special additives used in the oils formulation. LOMIC engine oil CC is mono-grade supplied in SAE 50, SAE 40, SAE 30 grades.

-Diesel engines with mild and moderate operating conditions
-Different types of semi-heavy diesel vehicles
-Light road construction machinery
-Stationary industrial diesel engines
-Light water pumps and generators

Performance Level

-Appropriate level of total alkalinity (TBN)
-Viscosity stability in hard working conditions
-Depressurization prevention
-Low volatility and evaporation
-Excellent anti-wear and anti-corrosion properties

Packaging and Storage
Ideally, storing and keeping lubricants in an indoor place away from the direct sunlight, rain and snow increases oil or grease lifespan. Keeping the warehouse temperature steady within 20 degrees Celsius extends the quality of the lubricant. For further information and safety slip (MSDS), contact our head office.
-20 liter plastic container
-208 liter steel Barrel

LOMIC Engine Oil CC Profile