LOMIC CNG engine oil SG/CD, composed of special additives is designed and formulated for gas Engines, CNG, LPG and also light hybrid cars (petrol-gas).As gas engine provides more heat, the flash point of LOMIC oil CNG SG/CD is higher than usual. Besides, because of the use of certain compounds, the rate of deposit formation on engine parts is less than conventional engine oil. LOMIC CNG motor oil SG/CD’s desirable Lubrication properties can drastically obliterate the adverse effects of gas fuel especially in the valves area.

-Different types of engines with LPG,CNG base oil
-Hybrid engines (petrol-gas)
-Light hybrid diesel automobiles
-Stationary light gas engines
-Two-stroke and four-stroke gas engines

Performance Level

-Minimum sulfate ash
-Appropriate valves’ lubrication
-High flash point
-Preventing deposit formation
-Excellent cleansing property

Packaging and Storage
Ideally, storing and keeping lubricants in an indoor place away from the direct sunlight, rain and snow increases oil or grease lifespan. Keeping the warehouse temperature steady within 20 degrees Celsius extends the quality of the lubricant. For further information and safety slip (MSDS), contact our head office.
-1 liter plastic container
-4 liter plastic container
-208 liter steel Barrel

LOMIC CNG Engine Oil SG/CD Profile