Passenger Car

Our engine oil portfolio is led by our passenger car motor oil additives.We design products to deliver premium value, meeting your specific needs for marketing claims for durability, fuel economy, or relevant OEM approvals.Our mainstream and economic products, such as ILSAC GF-5 or ACEA 2008, provide wide base stock coverage, VII flexibility and cost efficiency.

Product Spotlights
LOMIC 9300C Series Engine Oil Additive
Comprehensive cascade system for API performance claims from API SB/CB up to API SL/CF; demonstration in a broad range of viscosity grades; excellent balance between gasoline and diesel requirements; proven performance in a wide range of base oils; provides excellent protection against sludge and deposits
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LOMIC 9300G Series Engine Oil Additive Package
Comprehensive system for API performance claims from API SB/CB up to API SL/CF at optimized treat rates for both mono and multigrade applications; demonstrated API CF-4 and 4T motorcycle oil capabilities; documented wide base oil coverage including higher sulfur base oils found in the Middle East and Asia Pacific regions
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LOMIC 11100 PCMO Additive
Market leading GF-5 additive; wide base stock coverage; PPD in the package; can be used to meet GM’s dexos1™ FF and SF specifications

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LOMIC 9388X / 9387X PCMO Additive Package
Cost-effective, solution to meet either ACEA 2010 A3/B4 or A3/B3 sequences; targeted at the substantial out-of-warranty, older car market as well as offering export opportunities for differentiation in some markets outside of Europe; flexible logistic solutions enable the user to optimize cost and performance

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LOMIC 9490 Engine Oil Additive Package - Wins the Game!
The right move to Quality & efficiency; Normal SAPS solution to meet the latest ACEA A3/B4 sequences with key European OEMs, targeted at the significant SAE 5W-XX sector for just out-of-warranty vehicles and delivered predominantly through Independent workshop channels; Future-proofed for ACEA 2012, LOMIC 9490 enables cost savings through long-term approval validity, efficient blending with a simple formulation and flexibility from a core VII to blend a range of both PC and HD engine oil products
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