Heavy Duty Diesel

LOMIC 8744X HDDO Additive Package
Designed for the API CH-4 specification to meet key global market needs; Cost-optimized in Group II base stocks; VII flexibility allowing the use of 25SSI or 35SSI OCP; Field proven technology in severe conditions of 40,000km
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LOMIC 1255 Dispersant Inhibitor Package
Can be used with LOMIC 5777 to meet API CJ-4, Caterpillar ECF-3, Cummins CES 20081, Detroit Diesel Power Guard 93K218, Mack EO-O Premium Plus 07, MTU 2.1, and Volvo VDS-4
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LOMIC 8788B HDDO Additive Package
It’s got both – simplicity and performance reserve; heavy duty additive goes beyond key industry specifications AND a simple formulation
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LOMIC 8799B HDDO Additive Package
Logistically efficient single package; targets 75% of the EMEAI market; flexible cascade system – pure simplicity for the lube marketer
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LOMIC 8822 CNG Additive Package
Clear performance in severe conditions; multifunctional, cost effective additive package; covers both CNG and diesel applications; exceptional field trial performance
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LOMIC 8833 CNG Additive Package
Formulated to help reduce inventories and simplify logistics, covering both CNG and diesel applications with broad OEM profiles, delivering excellent ash control, oxidation and nitration control, wear protection and cleanliness
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