Olefin Copolymer VII

Product Spotlights

LOMIC 5748 OCP VI Improver
Field-tested with excellent shear stability for use in crankcase lubricants; covers a comprehensive range of SSI
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LOMIC 5751 OCP VI Improver
Cost effective viscosity index improver for crankcase lubricants; robust low-temperature properties; low pour point depressant dosages; backed by documented field tests
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LOMIC 5754A OCP VI Improver
For use in formulating crankcase and industrial oils; use with our API SN/ILSAC GF-5 technology to produce licensable engine oils; robust low temperature properties; excellent shear stability
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LOMIC 5777 Dispersant OCP VI Improver
Unique Dispersant OCP technology; optimum soot handling and wear control together; good thickening power and VI improvement
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LOMIC 5825A OCP VI Improver
Excellent low temperature properties; Solid form, easy to dissolve in base oils; Applicable in a wide range of base oils; Covers key Approvals when used with the appropriate package
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LOMIC 5825B OCP VI Improver
Solid amorphorus olefin copolymer designed for use as a viscosity index improver for engine oils; Excellent shear stability; Leading low temperature properties in both passenger car motor oils and heavy duty engine oils
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